Dental Implant Surgery: What You Can Expect

Dental Implant Surgery: What You Can Expect

Dental Implant Surgery: What You Can Expect

Patient who choose to receive dental implant surgery often have questions about the process. Like many dental procedures, this surgery happens in stages to work properly. Severns Dentistry and Orthodontics in McMurray can answer your questions.

Why should I choose dental implants?
Dental implants are superior to other tooth replacement procedures for several reasons: Implants look and feel natural, they improve your oral health, and they are permanent and don’t have to be replaced.

What happens before dental implant surgery?
The pre-work and surgery is performed in a dentist’s office. You may have a tooth that must first be removed. Once this happens, your dentist can prepare your jawbone for the surgery, since it may need to be strengthened so the implant will hold. Once you are healed, your dentist can now begin.

What happens during dental implant surgery?
Your implant is made of several components. The first is a post that is inserted right into the jawbone. This post serves as the root of your missing tooth, and must be placed deep into the jawbone. Once this stage is completed, your jawbone needs several months to heal, essentially becoming a part of the bone as it grows around the post.

Now, your dentist can put in the abutment, which joins the implant post and the crown, which is the top of the tooth that you can see. Once the abutment is allowed to heal for a few weeks, the crown is placed on top.

What happens after dental implant surgery?
This process is likely to talk months because so much healing time is required. Once it’s complete, you should be aware of any pain, swelling, bleeding, or bruising. It’s likely that you’ll need to eat soft foods for a short time. Once you’re completely healed, you’ll be able to eat, chew, and talk, just like you would with a natural tooth. As long as you take good care of your implant, and maintain good oral hygiene, your implant should last for a life time.

Severns Dentistry and Orthodontics in McMurray can help you make a decision about dental implants and tell you about the many benefits of this procedure. When you call or come into our office, we treat you like family. If you have any questions, contact us today, or make an appointment to talk about dental implants. Let us give you a confident smile!

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