Eating Out with Invisalign

Eating Out with Invisalign

Eating out at your favorite restaurant with Invisalign can be fun, but it is still essential to be prepared for the best experience. While you can remove your Invisalign to eat and drink, unlike traditional metal braces, there are a few things you still need to know about eating out with Invisalign.

Take an Oral Hygiene Kit

When you remove your aligners, you may need to use your tray removal tool, and you will also want to have your Invisalign case handy, along with mouthwash, a travel-size toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.

This will come in handy to keep your aligners safe while providing you with the tools you need to freshen your smile before placing your aligners back in.

Remove Your Aligners in Private

Invisalign in Case

Removing your aligners can be difficult and may require the use of your tray removal tool. When they are removed, there may be strings of saliva on them, which is not appetizing to others. It is recommended that you excuse yourself to the restroom prior to eating, where you can remove your aligners and place them for safekeeping in your case.

Brush Your Teeth and Put Your Aligners Back In

After enjoying your favorite meals and drinks, take your aligners and oral hygiene kit to the restroom. Brush and floss your teeth to ensure you have removed all food particles and place your aligners back in your mouth. This will help prevent bacteria from growing and causing decay and cavities while you wear your aligners.

Foods and Drinks to Avoid While Eating Out with Invisalign

While there are no dietary restrictions when using Invisalign, there are some food and drinks to avoid for good oral health, including:

  • Hard candy- This type of candy can harm the position of your teeth and may cause chipping. It can also stick to your aligners and cause cavities due to the sugary residue they leave behind.
  • Gum- Gum may be tempting after a big meal to freshen your breath, but keep in mind gun will stick to aligners and leaves a sugary residue on teeth that can cause cavities.
  • Tea/Coffee- Dark beverages will stain your aligners, making them easy for others to see.
  • Wine- This is another dark beverage that can stain your aligners, so it is best to avoid it.
  • Hot beverages- Hot beverages can melt your aligners, even if you drink them through a straw.

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