Beverages and Food with to Avoid with Invisalign

Beverages and Food with to Avoid with Invisalign

If you need metal braces, you learn that many of your favorite foods are no longer allowed due to the damage they can cause to your braces. Foods such as nuts, hard bread, popcorn, and hard or sticky candies may be restricted for months to a year, depending on how long your treatment lasts.
Fortunately, there is an orthodontic treatment that can produce results comparable to metal braces without restricting your diet. This treatment option is Invisalign. McMurray patients and those in the surrounding area can take advantage of this subtle and easy to use treatment at Severns Dentistry & Orthodontics. While Invisalign doesn’t restrict your diet like metal braces, there are still some foods you should avoid during treatment.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a treatment system that uses clear aligners to move the patient’s teeth into proper position gradually. Treatment with Invisalign typically lasts anywhere from 12-18 months with promising results showing within the first few weeks of treatment.
Metal braces are apparent, whereas Invisalign clear aligners are difficult to see even if you are talking to someone face to face. Invisalign provides patients with a subtle and less restrictive way to achieve the smile of their dreams.

What are the Dietary Restrictions with Invisalign?

While our McMurray Orthodontists may not give a lengthy list of foods you have to avoid during your Invisalign treatment, there are some foods, beverages, and behaviors we recommend you avoid. During your Invisalign treatment, you should avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, and chewing tobacco or gum. The residues these substances leave behind could stick to your aligners and make your teeth look yellow.
Soda Cans on Ice
We also recommend avoiding hard food because it can have a negative impact on the position of your teeth. Other foods, such as spicy or icy/cold foods, can also cause issues. Chewing on ice can damage your teeth, while cold foods like ice cream can lead to small cracks or larger cracks in your teeth. Spicy foods tend to be acidic, which should be consumed sparingly because acidic food breaks down gums and teeth.
We also recommend limiting the amount of coffee, tea, and soda you drink during treatment and be vigilant about brushing your teeth after drinking these beverages.

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