Can I Eat Candy with Braces?

Can I Eat Candy with Braces?

If you’ve recently gotten braces, you may be wondering what types of foods and treats you can eat. Whether you have a major sweet tooth or not, a craving for sweets will more than likely occur during your orthodontic treatment.

McMurray patients on average have orthodontic treatment lasting 18 months to three years, so it is essential to know what you can and can’t eat during that time to ensure you receive the best results and avoid damaging your braces.

Sugar or No Sugar?

Candy is loaded with sugar and can be bad for your teeth whether you have braces or not because it fuels the acidic bacteria that destroys teeth.

The sugar can hide in so many different places in your braces, making it hard to clean your teeth thoroughly. The longer the sugar sits on your teeth, the more damage it can cause. Although it is best to avoid sugary treat when wearing braces, it is especially important to avoid hard or chewy candies. When you bite down on these types of candies the force of the bite can place stress on your teeth and can cause components of your braces to break or pop off.

Sweet Treats that are Safe for Braces

Food for Braces

Although it is best to avoid sugary treats while undergoing orthodontic treatment, there are a few treats you can enjoy in moderation while wearing braces. These treats include:

  • Ice cream
  • Smoothies
  • Milkshakes
  • Cookies
  • Dark Chocolate

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