Getting Braces for the New School Year

Getting Braces for the New School Year

It’s almost that time again—time to start thinking of back-to-school shopping, and getting your child prepared for the upcoming school year. Along with sharpened pencils, this might be the year your child dons a shiny new set of braces. Correcting your child’s smile is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. They will smile confidently, and feel proud.

A few signs that your child is ready for treatment:

  • Teeth are crowded, blocked, and on top of each other
  • Teeth do not align properly
  • Gaps between teeth and where teeth should meet
  • Does your child bite the inside of his or her cheek or the roof of the mouth? That’s a sign
  • Any problems biting or chewing food?
  • Rate of losing baby teeth plays a factor

Why are braces so important? 

A few key reasons include correcting health concerns that involve:

  • Bite and alignment—without proper alignment, children whose bite is off, will suffer from TMJ (temporomandibular)
  • Speech—your child will enjoy confidence while communicating
  • Headaches—wonder what those headaches are all about? Chances are, braces can help those too

Select from an array of choices in braces:

  • Standard metal braces—the most affordable; typically worn for one to two years
  • Invisalign braces—gaining popularity because of the removable tray aligners, Invisalign is a clear retainer style of braces that has tremendous results.
  • Ceramic braces—similar to the traditional metal style, but tooth-colored to blend in and be less noticeable for your self-conscious teenager.
  • Lingual braces—these braces are behind the teeth. They apply pressure to push the teeth into position.

It’s time to schedule a visit with orthodontists in McMurray. Severns is happy to consult with you and your child on your next best step. Call us today!


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