My child’s tooth was knocked loose

My child’s tooth was knocked loose

It’s the end of the first inning and you’re in the bleachers cheering your child on as he or she steps up to the plate. The last thing you’re probably thinking about is a medical emergency—particularly your child losing a tooth. But it happens. And it’s scary.

What should you do? Here we’ll walk you through the steps so you’re prepared if it happens to your child or someone you know.

Assess the severity of the injury

First, how serious is the injury? Was a tooth knocked loose or does there seem to be more serious impact, affecting your child’s gums, mouth, and face? Based on severity, you’ll know whether to drive your child to the closest hospital or call your dentist. That’s the first step.

Was it a baby tooth?

If it’s a baby tooth, there’s no need to worry. Outside of a cute gap and maybe a lisp for a little while, the sudden loss of a baby tooth is nothing to be concerned about.

The loss of a permanent tooth is an emergency

If the injury was to a permanent tooth, you’ll need to call your dentist immediately. You must get your child and the tooth to your dentist within 30 minutes of the accident in order to re-implant the tooth with the greatest success.

Here’s what we recommend in four easy steps:

  1. Stay calm and search for the tooth!
  2. Run it under water to lightly clean it—but take care not to damage fragile root cells that the dentist will need to re-attach the tooth to the jawbone.
  3. Place the tooth between yoru child’s cheek and gum to keep it moist, unless you’re afraid your child may swallow it. In that case, wrap it in a clean cloth soaked in water.
  4. Head to the dentist immediately!


Your trusted dentist in McMurray is on call this summer sports season for you and your child! Now that you know what to do in an emergency, you’ll be ready to help your child.

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