On-the-Go Essentials for Braces and Aligners

On-the-Go Essentials for Braces and Aligners

It is essential to clean your teeth multiple times a day whether you are wearing aligners or braces. Our McMurray patients have a variety of situations where they are on the go but will still need to freshen up between meals and snacks. With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide for the best portable items for cleaning your teeth on the go.

Travel Toothbrush for Aligners


Even if you forget your toothpaste, your toothbrush will help to remove plaque and food. We recommend you use a travel-size toothbrush to save on space.

For those with braces, you may want to consider also having an interproximal brush to help you remove food that is stuck around your bracket and in between your teeth or the archwire. This tool also works well on plaque.


This will help you reach food stuck in your gum line, between your teeth and between your archwire and your teeth. For braces, we recommend a floss threader or pre-threaded floss while those wearing aligners can use regular floss or a flosser if they desire.


There is no specific brand of toothpaste you should use but be sure it is ADA approved and contains fluoride. You will want to avoid whitening toothpaste if you are wearing braces. Travel-sized tubes will work best for your on-the-go kit.


Staying hydrated is vital to your oral and your overall health. By having water handy, you can rinse your mouth after eating or drinking to help remove the acidity from your mouth that can cause tooth decay. This will help clean your mouth until you have the chance to brush your teeth.


A small mirror can help you check your teeth after you brush and floss to make sure that all food particles have been removed from your teeth and braces.

Those with braces may also consider keeping orthodontic wax and over-the-counter pain relievers in their kit to stop irritation or dental pain. You can keep all of these items in a purse, backpack, your locker, or briefcase.

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