Are My Teeth Impacted?

Are My Teeth Impacted?

If you are experiencing pain in your mouth, you may be wondering if an impacted tooth is causing it. If an impacted tooth causes your pain, this could lead to issues for your other teeth, such as crowding, twisting, or pushing them.

An impacted tooth can affect your smile and oral health, leading to damage to your self-esteem over time. If you think you may have an impacted tooth, it is crucial to contact your orthodontist at Severns Dentistry & Orthodontics as soon as possible. This will allow us to assist you in straightening your smile and preserving the health of your teeth.
Impacted Teeth

Definition of an Impacted Tooth

An impacted tooth is defined as a tooth that is blocked from emerging or erupting when it is expected. This can occur when a tooth does not have enough room to emerge or if it has started to emerge in the wrong direction. An impacted tooth can occur due to genetics or, in some cases, for no reason at all.
You adults and older teens commonly experience impacted wisdom teeth, but any tooth could become impacted.

Do Children Experience Impacted Teeth?

Children can get an impacted tooth when their adult teeth are growing in. They may have a permanent tooth having a difficult time erupting or has become trapped under a baby tooth that hasn’t fallen out. In some cases, adult teeth can emerge in the wrong place or can push on the roots of the child’s nearby teeth. Aside from wisdom teeth, children can also experience impacted canine teeth.
Impacted teeth in children can also cause crowding, making eating difficult. If you notice signs that your child is having issues chewing, schedule an appointment with your dentist to examine their misaligned teeth. It is best to resolve oral issues while your child is young.

How is an Impacted Tooth Fixed?

Depending on your unique case, fixing your impacted tooth could easily or maybe complicated since an impacted tooth can affect the other teeth in your mouth. In some cases, fixing an impacted tooth can be as simple as removing a baby tooth. In other cases, your jaw may be too narrow to fit your teeth, requiring it to be expanded to make room.
If there are more serious issues, you may need surgery or orthodontic treatment to resolve the issue.

What are the Signs of an Impacted Tooth?

There are a variety of symptoms you can experience if you have impacted tooth. Even if you are not showing symptoms, but you suspect you may have an impacted tooth, be sure to see an orthodontist. Impacted teeth can do serious damage to your teeth before they present symptoms.
Common symptoms of an impacted tooth:
  • Bad breath
  • Bad taste in your mouth
  • Swollen/bleeding gums
  • Pain when you open your mouth
  • Pressure on your teeth
  • Pain when you bite chew
  • Difficulty opening your mouth
If you haven’t had your wisdom teeth removed, be sure to pay special attention to them and make sure to schedule an appointment if you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above.

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